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Kakariya lake

Kankaria lake | Gogacab

Kankaria lake | Gogacab

Kakariya lake is all about kids:
Gujarat has great lakes. Ahmedabad’s Kankaria Lake is a must-see. Let’s see this lake virtually. Kankaria Lake is a 15th-century manmade lake where the Kings bathed. The lake’s water-purifying qualities disappeared over time. In 2008, a week-long Kankaria Fiesta opened the restored lake.
Zoo Kankaria The Kamla Nehru Zoological Garden is sometimes called the Kankaria Zoo. It’s one of Asia’s best zoos, covering 21 acres. Spotted deer, python, tiger, lion, rhesus monkey, jungle babbler, emu, bush-quail, and palm civet can be seen here. Zoo A Netherlands-based business installed the Boomerang Roller Coaster, the Flipping Arm, Disc ‘O’ Pendulum, and the Torching Tower.
Ahmedabad eye After refurbishment in 2008, Ahmedabad Eye opened in Kankaria Lake. Visit the lake by balloon safari. Nagina Wadi, an area on the lakeside, Stone Mural Park, joy rides, etc., are other lake attractions.

Why balasinor museum is famous?
Visit the fossil park to learn about dinosaurs in Gujarat. The state government created a Dinosaur Museum to quench your thirst. The museum is roughly 25,000 square feet with 10 galleries in the basement and ground floor (films and exhibitions). Rajasaurus Narmadensis is being filmed in 3-D. Other galleries cover Dinosaur of India and Gujarat, Fossil Exhibits, and more. This museum is digital, static, and print. The state government has a Time Machine, 3-D film, an interactive Fossil play for toddlers area, a vivid display of Mesozoic eras, a souvenir shop, etc., for individuals interested in dinosaurs and fossils. Up to 40 sculptures will show their size, shape, habits, and habitat at the museum. The atrium replicates its habitat. The atrium takes you back 65 million years.
Children 30/-, Adults 70/-, Foreigners 400/-
Professional camera: 700/-, 5-D Theater: 50/-, VR films: 50/-
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