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Malad to Hazira Taxi

Malad to Hazira Taxi

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The cost of a taxi ride from Malad to Hazira taxi starts at ₹10 per kilometre, and there are no additional fees for a one way trip. You can get a one way taxi from Malad to Hazira with Gogacab for the best price of ₹4500, or you can take a regular taxi from Malad to Hazira one way taxi.

Malad to Hazira: How to Book a Taxi?

Whether you are a local or a visitor to Malad, getting to the Hazira is easy and stress-free when you book a cab. Find out how to get from Malad to Hazira with this guide, which includes tips on how to find the best rates and routes for your trip.

Check and compare cab rates online.

Before you book a cab, it is important to know the fare so that you can compare different companies and find the best rate. You can use online services such as Uber or Ola to check the estimated fare for your journey. You should also consider any additional costs such as tolls, charges for extra passengers and luggage, etc. before booking a cab.

Distance from Malad to Hazira

Find the most reasonable rates for hiring a cab to travel from Malad to Hazira. Compare many high-end models of cars, such as the Mini, the Innova, the Dzire, the Etios, and the Indigo, as well as SUVs and sedans. Find the most reasonably priced one way and round trip taxi reservations, with or without air conditioning, from Malad to Hazira.

Malad to Hazira Airport Distance

The distance from Malad to Hazira airport is about 265kms. You can book the taxi few days before while you booking your flight tickets, so that at the end moment of catching the flight, you do not need to worry about the last moment catch.

How to Choose Malad to Hazira Cab?

The distance between Malad to Hazira is 265 km. The driving time from Malad to Hazira by automobile should be approximately 4 hours under ideal conditions. This trip is also accessible by train for those interested. The time it takes to go from Malad to Hazira by rail is longer than the time it takes to travel by taxi. The city of Hazira is known for its beauty and its many tourist attractions. The city is home to some of the world's most well known examples of both historical and contemporary architecture and monuments.

Book Malad to Hazira Cab Service.

Why hold off then? Today is the day to make your taxi reservation with Gogacab, and tomorrow you may embark on this amazing adventure with your loved ones and friends. Gogacab not only allows you to book one way taxi and cab services, but it also enables you to book taxis around the city, which enables you to visit well-known tourist destinations such as museums, beaches, and landmarks. Whether you want to spend one day or two days exploring Hazira, you won't run out of things to see and do there. If you have a passion for exploring new places, Hazira is a place from which to embark on an excursion. Make your reservation for Malad to Hazira cab service straight away. The Malad to Hazira taxi fare is very reasonable with gogacab.

Malad to Hazira Taxi Details Malad to Hazira One Way Taxi Price Malad to Hazira Two Way Taxi Price
Malad to Hazira Mini Cab ₹ 5175
₹ 10350
Malad to Hazira Sedan Cab ₹ 5290
₹ 6084
₹ 10580
₹ 12167
Malad to Hazira Suv Cab ₹ 6325
₹ 7274
₹ 12650
₹ 14548
Malad to Hazira Innova Cab ₹ 8050
₹ 9258
₹ 16100
₹ 18515

Hassle-free Cab Services.

Even travelling from Malad to Hazira is a lovely experience in and of itself. The highway is the centrepiece of this route's version of the perfect road trip. This journey from Malad to Hazira is quite picturesque, since it passes through a number of breathtaking scenery along the route. Therefore, investing in it will be beneficial.

Gogacab Makes It Easy to Book a Taxi from Malad to Hazira.

At Gogacab, we offer cabs and taxis for a wide range of functions, such as travel, airport pickups, subway pickups, city tours, picnic tour pickups, and business trip pickups. In addition to that, we offer sedan services. We also provide transportation between key cities in India on a one way basis. This is among the most well known services that our company offers its customers. You are under no obligation when you use this service to reserve a cab for yourself.

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Malad to Hazira Mini Taxi

One Way Mini Taxi

Malad to Hazira One Way Mini Taxi

₹ 5951
₹ 5175 /MINI


Two Way Mini Taxi

Malad to Hazira Two Way Mini Taxi

₹ 11903
₹ 10350 /MINI

Malad to Hazira Sedan Taxi

One Way Sedan Taxi

Malad to Hazira One Way Sedan Taxi

₹ 6084
₹ 5290 /SEDAN


Two Way Sedan Taxi

Malad to Hazira Two Way Sedan Taxi

₹ 12167
₹ 10580 /SEDAN

Malad to Hazira SUV Taxi

One Way Suv Taxi

Malad to Hazira One Way SUV Taxi

₹ 7274
₹ 6325 /SUV


Two Way Suv Taxi

Malad to Hazira Two Way SUV Taxi

₹ 14548
₹ 12650 /SUV

Malad to Hazira Innova Taxi

One Way Innova Taxi

Malad to Hazira One Way Innova Taxi

₹ 9258
₹ 8050 /INNOVA


Two Way Innova Taxi

Malad to Hazira Two Way Innova Taxi

₹ 18515
₹ 16100 /INNOVA

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FAQs About Malad to Hazira Taxi

The most popular way to travel from Malad to the Hazira is by car. It is about 265 kilometers away and takes about 5 hours. You can also take a bus or book a private cab service. Alternatively, you can go by train & flight.

Yes, there are cabs available at the Hazira. If you're planning to visit this impressive monument, it's recommended to book your cab in advance via online taxi booking apps like gogacab. The fares vary based on the type of cab and distance from Malad.

While one day is technically enough time to visit the Hazira, it may be wise to spend two days to really get a good experience. There are many attractions and activities available in this part of India that you want to make sure you have enough time to enjoy and explore.

There are a variety of cabs available in Malad for your convenience, ranging from sedan, suv, innova, ertiga. You can choose from local cab services, app-based cab services, or specialized car rental companies that provide vehicle rentals for a trip from Malad to the Hazira.

Gogacab Tours and Travels popular and affordable taxi services for visiting the Hazira from Malad. Gogacab offer one-way and round-trip options, as well as airport transfers.

The most affordable taxi option in Malad for a trip to the Hazira is Gogacab and Parthcab, both offering wide range of cabs at competitive rates. Other local taxi service providers such as Heny Cabs, Vedanshi cabs, Taxibook and Taxigroups offer budget-friendly fares, making travel accessible and cost-effective.

There are a variety of choices available for booking cabs in Malad. Popular car rental companies such as Gogacab, Ola, Uber offer reliable rides at affordable prices. You can also book private taxis with reputable local cab operators or rent a self-driven car to make your journey easier and stress-free.

The approximate cost of a taxi ride from Malad to the Hazira ranges from INR4500 - INR7000 depending on the type and size of the vehicle.

The journey from Malad to Hazira by cab typically takes around 5 hours, depending on traffic and weather conditions.

The cheapest taxi fare between Malad and Hazira is around Rs 4500, depending on the current traffic conditions. Additional charges will likely apply for waiting times due to heavy traffic congestion or any special stops needed on the journey.

The highest taxi fare from Malad to the Hazira would cost up to around ₹7000 depending on distance and the type of vehicle chosen. While the exact fare varies depending on travel time, traffic conditions and vehicle type, this range should give you an idea of what to expect.

For travelers looking to get from Malad to the Hazira, there are several taxi services available. Some of the more popular companies providing cab services include Gogacab, Ola, Uber. All these companies offer a variety of cab options such as Hatchbacks, sedan and luxury cars at various price points.

Get the best deals on cab rentals from Malad to Hazira and explore the attractions in comfort and style. Compare prices and book your cab online now to get exclusive offers, discounts and cheaper fares.

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