Anand Gujarat:


If you plan to visit the western side of the country, Anand is the city that you should not miss. Anand has gained national attention as it became the epicenter of the milk revolution in the early 1970. Post-revolution, this city was known as the capital of Hindu culture and heritage. Anand is also known as the "white capital" of India.


Anand is situated in the southern part of Gujarat, and it is known for happiness and resonate with its name. the street of Anand is full of flowing milk and other milk products such as chocolate, cheese and butter. It is the best place for the food lover who likes to have desi authentic milk product taste. Besides this, some famous monuments and other deep-rooted cultured buildings make Anand one of the best destinations for all age groups. There are some famous places that one should not miss while visiting Anand.


Historical places:


Amul dairy museum:


One should never forget to visit the Amul dairy museum, the most popular tourist attraction in the city. The museum is made of red stone surrounded by water. At the entrance, you may find the museum's history and inside can enjoy other documentaries relating to the milk movement.


Sardar Patel National Memorial:


It spans an approximately 7-acre land where you can see a cultural program associating Sardar Patel to get close to him. Besides it, you may find numerous books and other historical significance. Here one can see the garden, which is the best spot for the children.


Air Manzil:


It is a great tourist spot which is headed by three gates. Many mosques are present there, like Jama Masjid, garden and custom house, which make the right spot for travellers.


Swaminarayan Temple:


Swaminarayan temple is associating with the different six shrines, and each one is worshipped in various forms. This temple is quite famous for its design and most oversized kitchen, which runs continuously throughout the day.


Besides these main places, people can visit Rancchodrai Dakor Temple, Khapra Zaveri palace, Hanuman Ji Temple, Flo art gallery, Amul Chocolate Factory, Pavagadh, Data Ambaji and Iskon temple.


When to visit Anand:


Though it is open throughout the year, it is recommended to visit from October to March. It is located in the southern part of Gujarat; the weather remains pleasant during the winter season.

So it is advised to visit all the places by hiring a professional taxi rental service, and the Gogacab car rental service is best to make your tour memorable. So do not miss to visit Anand, which touring southern Gujarat. This city will let you remarkable remembrance to your heart.