Dholavira is one of the most famous archaeological sites relating to the Indus valley civilization. It is a world heritage site and was considered the most developed city during 4500 BC. Dholavira is an architectural style and shows us the Harrapan civilization, as their working style and lifestyle. This place is quite popular among those relating to Indian history and those who want to know more about the cultural civilization. Dholavira site is divided into three architectural layouts, and this town has a vast open stadium.


Dholavira is located at the Khadir bet island in the Kutch district, Gujarat, and it was discovered in 1967 by the JP Joshi. Dholavira site contains all the evidence of Indus valley civilization and is considered the second largest Harappan site in India. There are two seasonal Nalahs which are Mansar located in the north, and the second one is Manhar situated in the south.


The places to visit:


As we know, it is the best place for people interested in history, civilization, and other archaeological activities. So if you are planning to visit, you have to keep Kutch Fossil Park, Purneshwar Temple, Dattatreya Temple, Kala Dungar, Kutch desert wildlife sanctuary, Indian wild ass sanctuary, and Rudramata temple in the must-visit place list.


Nearby attraction:


If you plan to visit Dholavira, there are so many other places you can list in the must-visit list: Great Ran of Kutch, Narayan Sarovar and the Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary.


Best time to visit:


Though the weather remains a little dry and hot during the summer season, January to March is the best time to explore Dholavira. 

Dholavira itself is a beautiful place where you can spot much other wildlife like Chinkara Gazelle, Nilgai, flamingos, and other birds.


How to reach Dholavira:


there are several travelling modes available, but for the best experience, it is advised to make the journey through private taxi. Gogacab car rental service is the best one to make your journey memorable with the convenience.