Khandala is one of the popular tourist destinations among the tourist. It is located in the Maharashtra state surrounding by the hills of Sahyadri in the western ghat. It provides all the amenities to make the weekend perfect with its natural scenic view, grassy hills and natural waterfalls.


Khandala is the place where people like to visit for a beautiful scenic view, and it is a must-visit place for the nature lover who wants a peaceful environment, pleasant weather, and feeling of mist air. The natural beauty of Khandala reveals a magical charm, especially in the monsoon season.


It is located at the Mumbai Pune expressway way, and due to its easy accessibility, it has become the most popular tourist destination of the city. Duke’s nose peak and Karla hills are the two most popular destinations for trekking. 


Most sighted places:


Tiger’s leap:


It is one of the most sightseeing places in Khandala as it provides resemblance to the tiger leaping into the valley, so it is named tiger’s leap. It is located 650 meters above the ground from there one can view the scenic view and the hill rocks. You can enjoy this place along with the family, and it is pretty worth visiting the place in Maharashtra.


Rajmachi Fort:


It is one of the prominent locations that look over some beautiful sceneries of the region. Rajmachi fort is comprised of two other famous forts located individually at the Shrivardhan peak and Manaranja peaks. From there, tourists can view Duke’s house, Mahuli, Bhimashankar and Ulhas river view.


Apart from it, people can visit other places that make your day full of joy which are


  • Visapur fort
  • Bedse caves
  • Lohagad Fort
  • Duke’s nose
  • Kune Waterfall
  • Reversing station
  • Shooting points
  • Lion’s point
  • Shrivardhan fort
  • Manoranjan Fort
  • Bushi Dam
  • Shingroba Temple
  • Karla and Bhaja Caves
  • Valvan Dam
  • Celebrity Museum
  • Amrutanjan Point
  • Tunga Fort


Best time to visit:


Though it is located in the coastal region; so one can visit any time to explore all the places, but for the view of natural beauty, it is recommended to visit this place in the monsoon season and the winter season.


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