Mumbai city

Mumbai is the city of art for some and the city of dreams for some. And this city is filled with some fantastic markets, mysterious temples, modern restaurants, and beautiful beaches, which attract tourists from all over the world. The town, which was carved out of Bombay in 1995, is famous for one more thing: Bollywood. You now have many reasons to get to know this city more closely and see its fascinating tourist places.

History of Mumbai:

The history of the city of Mumbai dates back to the Stone Age. In the 3rd century BC, this city was an essential part of the Maurya Empire. In 1534 it fell under the Portuguese. The Portuguese snatched it from Bahadur Shah. In 1668 AD, the city came under the British East India Company. After being under the East India Company, trade started increasing in this city.

Only after the arrival of the British Empire, Mumbai became the central presidency of the three main presidencies of India, and it was named Bombay Presidency. After this, the British shifted the headquarters of the East India Company from Surat to Mumbai.

Facts related to Mumbai:

  • Mumbai is the capital of Maharashtra. It is also often referred to as the city of Bollywood or the city of Mumbai.
  • In this city, you will get the history of Marathas and a glimpse of the culture of ancient times.
  • Mumbai is known to be the city of dreams. This is the city of art.
  • The city is made up of seven lava islands.
  • The port of Mumbai is considered to be the largest port of India.

There are many tourist places you can explore in Mumbai city that are given below.

  • Gateway of India
  • Haji Ali Dargah
  • Juhu Beach
  • Marin drive
  • Film City
  • Chowpati
  • Sidhivinayak Temple
  • Essel World
  • Sanjay Gandhi National Park
  • Kala Ghoda Art Bhavan
  • Mount Marry Church
  • The night life of Mumbai
  • Elephanta Caves

If you plan to explore Mumbai, it is advised to visit Mumbai from November to February.