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Wanna ride to vastrapur:
There in Indian state of Gujarat, the region known as Vastrapur is located inside the Ahmedabad district. This region is home to the Indian Institute Ahmedabad (IIM-Ahmedabad). It is the site of Vastrapur Lake, which has hosted several notable musical performances by eminent figures from a variety of fields, including music.

It is the most upscale neighbourhood in the city of Ahmedabad. It also features a lake, a park, a hospital, and bungalows in addition to shopping centres. The wealthy and well-known residents of Ahmedabad city tend to make their homes in this cosmopolitan neighbourhood.

It is regarded to be one of the neighbourhoods within the city of Ahmedabad that is growing at the most rapid rate. It is in a well-known neighbourhood for its string of restaurants and shopping complexes, and it is situated right next to the Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Highway. This is the location of the futurist electric cremation house that may be found here. The Gurudwara and the Jawaharlal nehru  Foundation/Center for Environment Education are two further landmarks that can be located in this neighbourhood.

This is the location of the headquarters of Sandesh, a newspaper that is written in the Gujarati language and is published in this region.

The neighbourhood of Bodakdev, which is located close to Vastrapur, is rapidly becoming a chic neighbourhood with a high property market price. In addition to that, it is the official residence of Gujarat’s most distinguished High Court Judges.

Pacing growth in Vastrapur:

Vastrapur region is the TOD developed zone; it has grown drastically with the upcoming transit links and commercial. It is specifically a residential unit area, with the allocation of  Vastrapur adventure park. The lake actually was the man-made lake, and preserved it as such a of masterpiece green recreational.
Vastrapur lake garden has multiple uses as a gym ground in the morning, jogging parks and breakfast street for the bacherlos and working group. Average floating  footfall of that region is almost about ten lakhs per day. The group and IT industry come up, following  the TOD line approach.  Looking at the development and the recreational demand of the region vastrapur lake has become the city-level amenity. Gradually added the rides for the toddlers and got the fame for the ‘Vastrapur lake rides”.

Transportation and linkages Vastrapur: 

Talking about the transportation and linkages of the vastrapur, it is well connected with the vastrapur railway station, BRTS station and AMTS bus connectivity. There are informal transportation called “chackdas” that are running at very local prices at fixed fares. International Sadar vallabhbhai airport is merely about 15kms. The gogacab car rental service is always there to reach the airport on time.

If one goes to see the stunning lake, they should also check out the local tourist attractions, which include the following:

1. The Vastrapur Adventure Park – When you’re a parent looking for a location to take your children on an enjoyable outing, then you absolutely must go to this location, since it is highly recommended. It is the ideal place for children to enjoy themselves, and it is situated just a short distance from of the lake. The amusement park is not only geared toward children but also provides rides for grownups of all ages. The price of a ticket might fluctuate anywhere from 13 to 24 Indian Rupees depending on the person’s age.

2. The Ahmedabad One Mall is a shopper’s paradise and is only about five minutes’ walk from the Lake. The mall is located in the heart of Ahmedabad. The shopping centre features stores for a wide variety of well-known brands, like lifestyle, Vero Moda, Only, and a great deal of other names. This shopping centre features a sizable food court where customers may choose from a wide range of restaurants serving a variety of cuisines when they are hungry.

3. A day in a Thai spa at the conclusion of a long and stressful week is just what every grownup needs and wants. It takes around eight minutes to walk to the lake from this Thai spa, which is ideal because it is the greatest place to relieve all of the stress and anxiety that comes from living a routine life. You can select the services that you want included in the bundle, which will determine the price range that you pay for that particular package.

4. The ISKCON Temple is a religious building that may be found on the SG highway. Around six or seven o’clock in the evening, when the priest is performing the evening ceremonies, is the perfect time for worshippers to pay a visit. In addition, the temple provides its guests with complimentary meals and a variety of lodging options to choose from.

The environment that the temple offers its guests is one that is peaceful and calming. This temple is additionally known as the Hare Krishna Temple. It was given this name since its only purpose is to adore Lord Krishna and Radha, who is considered to be his true love.

5. Amdavad Ni Gufa – This remarkable location is a must-see for travellers due to its one-of-a-kind character. This peculiar spot is about 25 minutes out from Vastrapur Lake, and although it gives the impression of being a cave, it is actually a café. Items that will make your mouth wet can be found at the café. The patrons that come here frequently rave about the quality of the coffee that is offered.

6. Sabarmati Riverfront – In comparison to the previously stated spots, this particular tourist destination is quite a distance away from the lake, approximately 1.8 kilometres. You won’t have any trouble getting there by any kind of public transportation. The Sabarmati River is flanked on either side by a riverside that exudes class and sophistication.

7. The Ahmadabad Haat – This market was constructed to showcase the diverse cultural history of Gujarat. This location displays a wide range of handicrafts and apparel products from Gujarat. The distance between the haat and the lake is just about ten minutes. In addition to antiquities and other items, customers may also purchase a wide variety of Gujarati cuisine products. If you are a person who is interested in seeing the culture of Gujarat, this is a location that you probably do not want to pass up.

8. The Adalaj Step well is a historical landmark that is reported to have been constructed in the year 1499. It is stated that the six tombs on top are those of the people who built the well, and they were placed there to stop any further reproduction of the well. The well is not only constructed to store water, but it also features an attractive personal garden on its side. Everyone who comes here appreciates how beautiful this old landmark is, therefore it really should be on everyone’s itinerary.

9. The Hathee Singh Jain Temple – Because it is located approximately 6 kilometres away from the Lake, you will need to make use of some form of public transportation or perhaps book a personal cab in order to get to this destination. In the year 1848 A.D., the temple was built by chipping away at blocks of white marble. The Jain community is revered for its sacred architecture, which was taken into consideration throughout the costly construction of the temple. Since the beginning of the rebuilding process, the temple has indeed been closed to the public.

10. Gujarat Science City is a wonderful tourist destination that is primarily intended to instil a love of learning about science in younger generations via the use of a variety of interactive scientific exhibits and 3D presentations. It is the owner of numerous fascinating pieces of scientific apparatus, including an IMAX 3D cinema, a planetarium, an amphitheatre, an energy park, and a hall of science, among other things. In the schools that are situated there, the Research city puts on a variety of programmes for children over the summer break to inspire young people to pursue science as a field of study in the future.

11. Law Garden Night Market – This night market is one of the odd spots that can be found approximately 3.2 kilometres away from the lake and is worth seeing. The fact that this marketplace is only open during the evening is the unique selling point, as suggested by the name. This market is well-known for selling Gujarati traditional clothing, and if you find yourself in Ahmedabad, you just must go to the night market to get the full experience. Behind the main market building, the street market also provides a place for children to play with play equipment.

Vastrapur Lake and the Surrounding Area: Activities to Do

When you go to Vastrapur Lake, one of the activities you can participate in is boating on the lake itself. There is a selection of paddle boats that can be used in exchange for a payment of some nominal fees that have been established by the authority.

There is no payment to enter the lake because the municipality both owns and maintains it, so there is no need for an admission fee. As a result, you can employ this location as a site to go on an excursion in the wee hours of the morning, or you could take your family here for an excursion in the evening.

The location features a play area designated specifically for children in addition to an open theatre space that is frequently used for a variety of different types of events. This lake, in addition to being an excellent destination for kids, makes for a wonderful romantic getaway for two people in love. The couples can take advantage of the river’s chilly, mystical air to create a highly romantic ambiance for themselves. On the banks of this river, the locals claim they have seen countless instances of people proposing to their significant others.

There are many different street vendors serving a wide variety of different types of street cuisine, including “Guppchup,” “Pav Bhaji,” “Khakhra,” and “Dhokla,” amongst many other options. Most of the time, tourists may be seen gorging themselves on the mouthwatering street food.

After seeing a new place for the first time, it is a common desire among tourists to purchase a memento to bring back with them as a reminder of their trip. The Alpha one mall and the Ahmedabad haat are two examples of locations close to the lake where vacationers can indulge their shopping passions to their hearts’ delight. The prices are affordable, and there is a wide selection of things accessible to choose from on the market.

Because Gujarat is so well-known for the originality of its handicrafts and the vibrancy of its clothing designs, visitors to the state have the opportunity to purchase one of the most well-known pieces of women’s clothing, known as a “chanya choli,” from a local market and also to bring back a variety of handicrafts that are exclusive to this region.

Where to find directions to Lake Vastrapur

The following is a listing of all of the stations that are located within the closest proximity to Vastrapur Lake:

It will take you approximately 5 minutes to walk to Nehru Park, which is located 300 metres away.

The distance to Himanshu Vidyalay is around 190 metres, and you can get there on foot in approximately three minutes and some change.
The lake’s location on the western edge of Ahmedabad city is where you’ll find it. It is near the well-known Nehru Park. One can take any city bus from that location to get to the lake, or one can choose to get Gogacab rental services from one of the best car rental agencies in Ahmedabad and combine their trip to the lake with several other points of interest in Ahmedabad.

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