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Jaisalmer Bikaner

Jaisalmer Bikaner
Jaisalmer Bikaner | Gogacab

What is Jaisalmer famous for?
Jaisalmer is famous for the magnificent Jaisalmer fort that encircles the city. The most astounding aspect of that fort is that it is a functioning urban centre. This fort’s walls accommodate roughly 3000 Jaisalmer residents. It is elegantly weaved in little winding paths and lined with dwellings and temples.

Why is Bikaner well-known?
Bikaner is famed for both its sweets and its savoury Bikaneri Bhujia. Its handicrafts, leather goods, and Asia’s largest camel farm are also well-known. The beautifully carved jharokhas of the city are well-known. Stone screens like these can be seen on the frames of forts and Havelis.
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