Adalaj ni Vav

Adalaj ni vav

Adalaj Ni Vav is one of the most popular heritages of Ahmadabad. The word Vav is a Gujarati word, and it is used for the stepwell. It is one of the beautiful heritage of Gujarat, and Rana Veer Singh builds it in the 14th century for social purposes. The primary purpose behind creating the Adalaj is to store the monsoon water and use it further for drinking purposes by people and travelers. Adalaj's stepwell brought relief for those who lived in the dry region and had to walk for miles for the water.

Let us tell you the story behind Adalaj stepwell; Rana Veer Singh was involved in the construction of stepwell, but Mohammad Begda and the king attacked him was killed, and the Begda occupied all the territory. Begda wanted to marry the queen, but the queen proposed that she get married only after completing the stepwell construction. Begda became agreed, and construction finished after that. Soon the construction finished, the queen destroyed her life by jumping into the stepwell.

Adalaj shows Hindu architecture and Islamic architecture, and one can visit between morning 6 AM to evening 6 PM, and there is no entry fee to explore Adalaj ni Vav. 

One more important thing the environment is relatively smooth and pleasant inside the stepwell, and the temperature remains 5 degrees lower on comparing the outside. Because of it, people use it as a resting place in ancient times.

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