Anjar is one of the famous municipalities in the Kutch district. It is one of the oldest towns in the city, approximate 1400 years of history. Anjar is quite famous for its cuisine, and one can found Gher and Dabeli mostly there. It is the centre of attraction for commerce and trades for Eons.

Apart from it, several other ancient temples and shrine places in Anjar, including Mohanrai Temple, Madhav Rai Temple and Amba Mata Shrine. Jesal Toral Samadhi is quite famous among them.


Though Anjar is situated in the Kutch region, desert climate is there, and this place faces many earthquakes that left ruin the city many times.


There are different kinds of communities that gather here to celebrate the Jesai-Toral fair. This festival is celebrated in the memory of the famous couple Jesai and Toral as they have served Kutch people many times.


Best time to visit:


Though Anjar is the desert region and because of it remains warm little bit. So it is advised to visit in the winter season, and Rann festivals are also organized at the same time.


Anjar tourism attraction:


There are so many places to visit in Anjar as it is the place of holy temples and other monuments.


Madhav Rai Temple:


Madhav Rai Temple, a temple of Vaishnav Shrine made up of black and white marbles. Black marble is placed at the table overlaid with silver. People like to visit this temple to know more about the background history and peaceful environment.


Mohan Rai Temple:


It is a smaller temple than Madhavrai Temple, and its floor is made up of wooden and also associated with Vaishnav Shrine. This temple was built in 1814, and most of the Radha Krishna devotee likes to visit this place in huge numbers to worship their God and Goddess.


Kalya Mahadev Temple:


Kalya Mahadev Temple is made up of modern architectural style and associated with dancing Yogini as the Goddess.


Vankal Mata Temple:


This temple is dedicated to the form of Bhavani, and devotees like to spend time under the closeness of Mata Ji.


Swami Narayan Temple:


It is located on the eastern side of the town, and it was built by Ramanand Swami, the Guru of Swaminarayan, in the 19th century. Devotee believed that Swaminarayan visited Anjar during their survival time, and the temple was built at the place where he stayed.


There are some other famous tourist places while visiting Anjar like Jesal Toral Shrine and Legend of Jesal-Toral.


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