Rann of Kutch



About Rann Of Kutch

As a tourist destination, why does Rann of Kutch attract so many people? The Rann of Kachchh is widely considered to be the world's largest salt desert due to its distinctive white, salty sand. The Hindi term for desert is 'Rann,' which comes from the Sanskrit word 'Irina,' which also means desert. The name "White Desert" seems bizarre. The Great Rann is a large salt flat that is well-known for its white, snowy appearance and is frequently used as a location for Bollywood movies. Towards the southeast, you'll find the Little Rann, a wildlife haven and one of the few sites in the world to see the Indian onager. 

Brief history:

How was the Rann of Kutch formed?

Centuries ago, the Rann of Kutch was part of the sea until an earthquake turned the exposed sea bed into a sprawling desert. Today, it is a vast expanse of arid land, devoid of habitation, stretching out to the Arabian Sea, which is just 10 km away.

For what reasons is Rann Utsav observed?

Hundreds of thousands of people descend to Kutch annually for the annual Rann Utsav festival. Kutch district in Gujarat is home to a wide variety of peoples and ecosystems, and every year the district celebrates its unique history and culture with a festival.

Should I make the trip to Rann of Kutch?

One of the world's largest salt deserts is found in Gujarat; this extraordinary place is called the Rann of Kutch. With its strange landscapes, this extraordinary location has become increasingly popular in recent years as a location for unconventional tourism. 

The route to take:

It takes about 7 hours to drive from Bhuj to Ahmedabad on the road (335 kilometres). Just 85 kilometres separate Bhuj and the Rann of Kutch. Gogacab helps you to reach the rann of kutch very efficiently.

Getting to Rann of Kutch is easy thanks to Bhuj, which is only 85 kilometres away and has easy access to the air and train networks.

By Air, The Bhuj Rudra Mata Airport is a hub for travellers between Mumbai and Bhuj. 

The places one should visit:

Kalo Dungar:

Kutch's highest point, Kalo Dungar (Black Hill), is located to the north of the town of Khavda and provides stunning scenery of the Great Rann salt flat (or inland sea, if you happen to be visiting during the monsoon). 

Located north of the city of Khavda, Kalo Dungar (Black Hill) is the highest point in Kutch and offers breathtaking views of both the Great Rann salt sand bar and an inland sea in the monsoon season.

From the hill's foot, the India bridge takes about 15 minutes to cross to the mainland, which is far from Kutch's north. It is forbidden to take photographs in this area since the military controls it. About 40 kilometres to the north is where India and Pakistan meet. 


This is one of the five holiest lakes in Hinduism, alongside Mansarovar in Tibet,  Bhuvaneshwar in Orissa, Pampa in Karnataka and Pushkar in Rajasthan.

Maharao Desalji's wife built a temple dedicated to several deities, including Shri Trikamraiji, Laxminarayan, Dwarkanath, ranchodraiji, Govardhannathji,  Adinarayan, and Laxmiji.

Narayan Sarovar has been around since the time of the Puranas. Legend has it that the sages prayed desperately for rain, and Lord Vishnu answered their wishes by appearing to end the drought in the area. The inhabitants' plight was ended as he touched the ground with his toe and a lake appeared. Together with Pampa in Karnataka, Bhuvaneshwar, Mansarovar in Tibet in Orissa, and Pushkar in Rajasthan, this lake is considered sacred to Hindus.

Chaari dhand wetland reserve:

Chaari dhand wetland reserve is located near the fulay village; there are about 370 species in the wetlands, and there are migrating birds who travel and come here yearly. In the last 2008, it was declared a Ramsar Site. 

There are two villages called dorado and Hodka that hold artistic significance, which the travellers want to visit. There are fashion attires available which are made up of Ajrak's work. Also, some pottery work with stonework and designs holds international significance.  

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