Bordi Beach

Bordi Beach

If you want to plan an economical trip this monsoon, Bordi in Maharashtra is ideal. Located in the Palghar district of the state, Bordi is a beautiful and very serene tourist destination, where you can double your pleasure by visiting the beaches and water bodies during the monsoon. This place is considered very special for those who like the sea climate. This is a special place away from the crowded areas of Maharashtra, where you can enjoy a wonderful trip with your family or friends. Apart from the sea beaches, you can also visit the beautiful gardens and caves full of adventure.

Best of all, here you will find affordable lodges and hotels to eat and stay. Know through this article how Maharashtra's Bordi can make you happy in terms of tourism. Bordi beach is quite famous for Chickoo fruit and a festival names Chickoo festival also held at the Bordi Beach.

There are so many tourist attractions that you will enjoy once you plan to visit the Bordi beach below.

  • Bordi Beach
  • Bahrot Caves
  • Kalpataru Botanical Garden
  • Depchari Dam And Reservoir
  • Asavli Dam
  • Mallinath Jain Tirth Kosbad Temple
  • Dahanu Fort
  • Vrindavan Studios

Apart from the above places, Bordi is also quite famous for the other temples: Mallinath Jain temple and Kosbad Temple. You can enjoy a peaceful environment nearby the location of the temple. People come here to stay in various lodges and dharmshala and enjoy particular Jainism food also.

If you are planning to visit Bordi beach, you can see it from October to March, and it is open from morning to evening also. If we talk about the exact location, it is located 15 km from the Bordi.