Pushkar is one of the ancient cities of India and is located in the Ajmer district under the Aravali range. It is often known as Tirth-Raj, which means the kind of pilgrim site. Here are five pilgrim sites for people who follow Hinduism. There are so many famous temples, and the Brahma temple is quite famous among them. There is only one Brahma temple in the entire world, and that one is situated in the Pushkar only. Pushkar is quite famous for Pushkar Lake, also which has around 52 ghats. Devotee visits Pushkar to take a holy dip into the holy Pushkar Lake. Pushkar lake resounds the chants and bhajan as it is surrounded by the around 400 blue colored temples at its bank. 


Pushkar is quite famous for the rose, and it is also known as the “rose garden of the Rajasthan” because of rose farming around the city. Hills surround Pushkar city, and it is one of the famous tourist destinations among national and international tourists. Pushkar is known for its spirituality and its force to fall in love.


Famous places:


Pushkar Lake:


It is one of the famous tourist attractions, and as per the legends, it was created when Brahma dropped his lotus inside, and it is believed a holy lake by Hindu. People like to dip in the lake to wash off their sins, and it is also believed that water has some medicinal properties to cure skin disease and other diseases.


Brahma Temple:


There are more than 500 temples in the city, but Brahma Temple has a lot of significance. Original Brahma temple is around 2000 years old, and it is believed to be Brahma presence at this place as per the devotee. One should take a holy bath in the lake for Brahma Darshan.


Savitri Temple:


Temple is open on all days of the week, and there is no entry fee. It is situated at the top of Ratnagiri hills and associated with the Brahma wife, Savitri. One can trek to reach there and see the beautiful view of Pushkar Lake from the top of the Hill.


Besides it, one can also visit Man Mahal, Pap Mochini Temple, Apteshwar Temple and other religious places while visiting Pushkar. Do not forget to take a camel ride while visiting Pushkar. 


How to explore Pushkar:

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