Chiloda is the main connectivity node for major places like Himmatnagar, khedbrahma, talod and many grouped hamlets. Looking at the transport linking channels, chiloda is the multi-modal station for the govt, buses and rickshaw and informal public transport.

Majorly area has the industrial zone and highways that connect to the other part of the city. the area has developed in a way of the transit-oriented development. Majorly second part of the area is the residential area; mixed-use and green farms are there who cater into a wide landuse.

Major nearby religious places:

Mahaprabhuji bethak:

The creator of Pushtimarg was a man named Vallabhacharya Mahaprabhu, who was active in the 15th century. Beginning at an early age, he traversed India and went to several religious destinations there. At these holy places, he spoke about the Vedas, the Ramayana, and the Bhagavata by reciting passages from them and giving sermons on them. The banks of rivers or lakes, as well as quiet woods on the outskirts of towns, were frequently used as recital venues in ancient times. He not only read the scriptures in their original form but also provided commentary on each passage. Anubhashya and Subodhini are two later compilations that include this commentary.

These 84 locations, which are referred to as Baithaks, are places where Vallabhacharya delivered talks. At some of the locations, over time, modest shrines were erected as a way to honour the occasion. Some locations are not marked by shrines or temples since the only way the location is known is through stories and written writings.

The followers honour the handwritten manuscripts and personal items of Vallabhacharya that are kept in these shrines. These manuscripts and artefacts are venerated by the community. In most cases, they do not contain any images. Products for individual use, such as clothing and jewellery, are among the items that adherents sell. Since Vallabhacharya would abstain from food and drink during sacred performances, only sugar and water crystals are presented as offerings. The same seven darshan schedule that is observed at Vaishnava Haveli temples is also followed by them.

In addition, his descendants have founded their own Baithaks and have given speeches in a variety of locations. 
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Shree godiji parshwanathji Jain derasar: 

Godiji Parshwanath is the name given to numerous pictures of a Jain Tirthankar Parshwananth throughout India, as well as the name of the temple where it is worshipped as the primary god (mulanayaka). The 23rd Tirthankara to reach nirvana was named Parshwanath, and he did it in the year 777 BCE.

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The temple complex is enormous, and the central temple is encircled on all sides by four other temples. Carvings made of marble can be found in every temple. Recitals of bhajan take place in the enormous hall that is located in front of each of the six temples. The temple is constructed out of red stone and includes columns with arches that support a row of iconographical displays. These displays include depictions of the goddess Mahalakshmi as well as elephants, cows, lions, deer, and many types of traditional lamps. The outside of the temple features a variety of projections and recesses that have been intricately carved onto them. The gateway to the garbhagriha, also known as the sanctum santorum, is a prime example of the distinctive architectural style of the Solanki people. It is made up of pillars that have exquisite carving, sculpture, and free arch joining them. The top floor of the temple contains an open assembly hall known as a sabha mandapa. This hall is encircled by a barrier of jaalis, which are screens that have been carved and fitted to guarantee that there is adequate ventilation and sunshine. In addition to other Tirthankaras, such as Shri Shantinath & Vimalnath Bhagwan, Shri Parshwanath is considered to be the most important god. 

Shree kasthbhanjan hanuman mandir:

According to the spiritual concept prevalent in India, Lord Hanuman is regarded as one of the most significant characters ever written because he embodies the utmost integrity. Around the time of the Mogal empire, the temple was constructed. Lord Hanumanji is the deity to whom the temple is devoted. The temple enjoys a great deal of notoriety. During the time of the Mughal Empire, as Alauddin Khilji launched an assault on Patan, the King of Patan, Saghala, was forced to take refuge in the Devgarh forest. The cows of the kings and various other animals are being grazed by animal herders who have come to this woodland. One of the cows broke out from the group and began dropping her milk in a specific location. In the evening, it gathers together once more. Cowherds are the ones that report all of this information to the king. After some deliberation and seeking the counsel of his ministers, the King decided to excavate the area in question, at which point he discovered an idol of Hanumanji. After the Yajna was performed and the statue of Dabhodiya Hanumanji was consecrated at this location, the locals began to refer to the area as “Dabhoda.” Today, it is still referred to by that name. 

The old temple has undergone restoration, and as a result, it is currently counted among Gujarat’s most popular destinations for tourists interested in religious tourism. Celebrations of Hanumanji Jayanti & Kali Chaudas are held to a large scale in this temple. On the day of Kali Chaudas, the temple committee will host a large fair. Every Tuesday and Saturday, the temple hosts a huge crowd of tourists numbering in the thousands.

Within the Gandhinagar District and close to Ahmedabad is where you’ll find Dabhoda. The Dabhodiya Hanuman temple can be found in Dabhoda, which is approximately five kilometres away from Chiloda and approximately 18 kilometres away from Gandhinagar. Shree Dabhodiya Hanumanji Temple is the primary tourist attraction in Dabhoda. Book the taxi to reach Shree dabhodiya Hanumanji temple. 

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