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Introduction to the neighbourhood and the locality

CTM, sometimes referred to as Calico Textile Mill, is a well-known residential and industrial sub-locality in Amraiwadi, which is found in the eastern portion of the city. The presence of well-known businesses in the area, such as Powerful Industries and Akshar Industries, as well as the city’s excellent accessibility, are the primary factors driving the expansion of both the residential and the industrial sectors in CTM. CTM is home to a variety of residential communities, including Maninagar East, Khokhra, Rabari Colony, Jamfalwadi, and Bhaipura, among others. In addition, the majority of the buildings in CTM are residential flats. It is also the location of a variety of residential construction projects, such as the JB Rajshree Skyz Apartment, the Pramukh Darshan Apartment, and the Takshshila Mahadev Green Flats.

Infrastructure that can be seen

CTM is well connected to the rest of the city by major roadways like the Science City Road Bridge and the Ahmedabad-Vadodara Expressway, amongst others. In addition, the Narol-Naroda Road travels right through the middle of the community. In comparison, the distance from the Ahmedabad Junction to the Amraiwadi Metro Station (east-west corridor) is eight kilometres when travelling along Rakhial Road. The Amraiwadi Metro Station is located four kilometres away from the Ahmedabad Junction. Airport Road will take you 15 kilometres closer to the Sardar Vallabhbhai International Airport than any other route.

Social & retail infra

Within six to seven kilometres of the CTM building may be found a number of renowned educational institutions, including Nelson’s International School, Vedant International School, Podar International School, and JEMS International School. Within a radius of five kilometres from each other, you may find the Tapan Hospital, the Narayani Hospital, the Narayana Multispeciality Hospital in Ahmedabad, and the Aavishkar Multispeciality, ICU & Trauma Center. These hospitals provide medical aid. Residents may fulfil all of their shopping needs at the Ahmedabad City Mall, which is located a distance of 6 kilometres (km) from CTM.

Employment opportunities in the neighbourhood CTM are home to a number of well-known manufacturing companies, including Powerful Industries, Akshar Industries, Royal Industries, and Shiv Shakti Industries, amongst many more. A distance of seven kilometres separates one from the Odhav industrial region, which may be reached by way of the Narol-Naroda Road and the Odhav Road. Yashwant Industries, Hanumant Industries, Jay Khodiyar Industries, OM Industries, and many more are all located inside the Odhav industrial region.

Trip from CTM to Sardar Vallabhbhai international airport: 

CTM, Ahmedabad, is located 17.149 kilometres away from Ahmedabad Airport, and it typically takes 37 mins to go this distance. The minimum charge and the fare for each additional kilometre are both factored into the total cost of a taxi ride in Ahmedabad. Nighttime fares in Ahmedabad taxis are typically higher than daytime fares. At night, some businesses charge roughly twice as much as they do during the day. These additional fees are clearly outlined on the night fare card that we provide.

You also receive a helpful hint that includes information on the availability of various kinds of transportation along your routes, such as buses and metro trains. This helpful hint also includes suggestions for less expensive and more expedient courses of action. With this piece of advice, you will be able to get to your location in the most expedient and convenient manner.

Nearby connected cities:

Anand district:

On the Western Railway, Anand can be found between the cities of Ahmedabad and Vadodara. It is about 63 miles (101 kilometres) from Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat. It is a railroad junction, and a broad gauge railway extends from here to Godhra. Along the way, it passes through Dakor, which is an important Hindu pilgrimage site. This route is serviced by MEMUs in addition to one or two normal passenger trains. In addition to that, there is a branch line that goes to Khambhat. Due to the fact that this line is not yet electrified, DMUs, or diesel multiple units, are used to transport passengers along it. There are five different platforms at the Anand Railway Station. Platforms 1, 2, 3, and 4 are located on the main line, and Platform 5 is on the branch route to Godhra. On the branch that forms a triangle off of the Godhra line leading to Ahmedabad, a platform is currently under development. Anand is one of the cities that the Ahmedabad Vadodara Highway travels through on its journey from Ahmedabad to Vadodara.
You can easily reach to Anand as Ahmedabad- Vadodara expressway is connected to the CTM area, and it is just 1.3kms away from ctm. If you live in Ctm or a nearby area, you need not to worry about the travel distance or about the traffic. With the Gogacab, you can carry a hassle-free trip without any hesitation. Book the CTM- Anand taxi Now!!

Vadodara district : 

Vadodara is the intermediate major city for the textile and manufacturing hub; it is well connected with all the major business hubs like Ahmedabad, Surat, Anand, and Gandhinagar Capital of Gujarat. If you are travelling for business or for personal or professional purposes evenly, then you do not need to worry about the number of trips now; in fact, gogacab is come up with easy and safe transportation with clean taxis and trained professionals. We at Gogacab provide the services that will cater for the safest trip among the riskiest rides and manage the timings of the traveller precisely. Book the Ctm to Vadodara taxi now!!

Surat district:

Within the Indian state of Gujarat, the city of Surat may be found in the country’s westernmost region. Because people have moved there from all over Gujarat and other parts of India, it is among the most dynamic cities in India and has one of the quickest growth rates. This is largely due to immigration.

In addition to being known as “THE SILK CITY,” “THE DIAMOND CITY,” and “THE GREEN CITY,” among other names, Surat is widely considered to be one of the finest cities in all of India. It possesses the most active current and an equally diverse heritage from the many years gone by. It is at this place that the British made their initial colonial settlement in India. In addition, the Dutch and the Portuguese each created a commercial centre in what is now known as Surat; the vestiges of these commercial centres may still be found in the city today. This once-proud port formerly had ships from more than 84 countries docked in its harbour anywhere at a given moment, making it a truly international hub.

Even to this day, Surat maintains the same tradition, as individuals from all across the country continue to migrate there in search of business and employment opportunities. Because of the rapid growth of a variety of sectors within and around Surat City, finding work in Surat is much simpler than in other cities in the country, and the city’s unemployment rate is close to zero percent.

As we already know, that surat is the hub for the diamond and textile industry, which totally depends upon the daily import exports, and the businessmen need to travel daily on an urgent basis, so gogacab provides car rental services for business trips and any urgent trips. Book Ctm to Surat taxi now!!!

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